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Mar 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
dealing with snow. a blanket of wet snow is covering the indiana town of henryville. a tornado friday devastated that town. indiana officials say the snow will slow the clean-up effort because it's making things slippery and concealing some potential hazards. >>> parts of kentucky are also getting snow. the national weather service issued a winter weather advisory for much of the state. >>> in north carolina three children from the same family were sucked from their home by a tornado but survived with relatively minor injuries. their mother latonya stevens says she has no recollection of the tornado. she remembers being on the second floor of the home sitting in the hallway and the next thing she knows she was still sitting down but only one of her four children were still sitting beside her. >> i just held her and i started rocking and i started praying and i didn't know after that. i just started screaming. >> you can see the incredible damage that tornado did to her house. the tornado sucked two of la tonya's children into the backyard. a third was thrown more than 50 feet, but aga
Mar 2, 2012 6:00pm EST
indiana where officials there say one town is gone. from louisiana to ohio, from missouri to south carolina, rain fell and damaging winds pulled down trees and power lines. tens of thousands of people are without electricity. forecasters warn conditions are likely to get worse, especially after sunset. >> this is going to be an unfolding event unfortunately for the rest of the day. i would say if you have to run an errand, go ahead and do it now and make sure you're back within the next couple of hours. >> reporter: warm air from the gulf of mexico colliding with low pressure from the northwest is setting off the storms. the severe weather comes two days after a massive system in the same region unleashed more than two dozen tornadoes killing at least 13 people. forecasters expect today's tornadoes to travel fast, but stay on the ground for a long time with the potential to cause more damage. terrell brown, cbs news, new market, alabama. it is hard to fathom when you look at those pictures. let's go to topper shutt and talk about what's going on. >> we have a live shot now from hen
Mar 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
midwest. and henryville, indiana, was one of the towns hit hardest. local schools were destroyed by twisters and so school administrators came together last night to figure out how to get the kids back into classes. they decided to keep the students together by sending elementary schools to a large church. the older kids will attend a science center ten miles from home. >> it's kind of like bringing everybody back to normal or what is going to be the new normal. i think it's going to help everything and the situation. >> i think for tonight, they made the best decision they can. i know that a lot of kids are ready to get back to school. >> the idea of portable classrooms was dismissed because of expense. all the senior activities are still on schedule like the senior trips and of course the senior prom. >>> a virginia woman is calling on the state lottery to pay up. juanita thought she was a winner. the lottery did text her the winning numbers and they matched her ticket exactly. so she was thinking of ways to spend her $2600 prize when she got another text an hour later. it was an
Mar 23, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. sweet 16 basketball. indiana, kentucky is the late game. good stuff. >> it will be like 12:00. >> or 1:00. >> see you tonight.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4